Such a heavy word with so much energy.

Let’s look at the definition of it. According to Google search , let’s use the second definition.



a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

I really love that.

An attitude toward something.

A point of view.

The more I am trying to be open and listen to what GOD/The Universe is telling me, the more this word pops into my head.



This word stuck with me after having a heart to heart talk with my friend Amy a while back. She has given me some really good advice and from her I learned this idea:


You have to understand it’s all about 

As I pumped myself up to keep going with this blog, the nasty lil bitch “Fear” came talking shit. It kept feeding my head with the fear of failure, the fear of not writing anything worthy of reading, fear of sucking at the thing I want to do the most.

And you know what? All that shit talking eventually kicked my ass.

I gave in.

Fear” would come back as soon as I started to type, waiting to pick a fight.

“What makes you think people give a shit about what you think?” seems to be its favorite phrase to attack me with. I fought with this thought long and hard.

It was right.

Who am I to think that people really care? I’m just Mel. What the hell do I know about anything? I don’t. I’m just a soul trying to grow in this world and heal myself and I just want to see if my crazy ass thinking will maybe help someone else too. That’s ALL I really want.

When I started to really feel the energy of the last statement, my good ol pal “FAITH” came up and picked me up off the ground, where “FEAR” left my ass. It started to give me the strength and love that I needed.

I NEED to do this. Not for anyone but ME. This is why I started to write. This is how I feel the most in the flow with myself and life. This is what I want to share with the world. Why would I let “FEAR” take that away from me?

*Oh, FAITH. Thanks for always being there for me. I see you boo.

For most of my life, I have learned the most rewarding life lessons from other people’s PERSPECTIVES. The thought came to me:

Life is just a collection of different perspectives. We as individuals are to gather the most information from others, and then turn inward and develop a better understanding so we can become our HIGHER SELF.

Life is like an infinite library with infinite books. Every soul that has lived on earth has contributed their own unique story (perspective) to the shelves. We have the beautiful gift of reading these books, and taking the knowledge we’ve learned from it and applying it to our own lives.

Everything that has ever been created by Man is a unique perspective of that individual.

If you look at life this way, it’s so much more exciting! At least for me it has been. I truly believe EVERYONE has a story to share, myself included. Sometimes, the greatest teachers in your life will be some of the most unexpected people. You just gotta talk to them. Talk to everyone! Everyone wants to be heard. When you give people the ability to share their perspective with you, in the end you gain more from that moment then they do from sharing. You get to see the world a little differently. You then have a common understanding with this person, and it unites you a bit more.

*What if we all did this? Maybe all this fucking crazy shit in the world would shift and we all could learn to love each other a bit more? I’m just saying. 

Here’s the thing though, when you listen to someones perspective. You must truly, listen. Be in the moment with them. Put that asshole “JUDGEMENT” in check until after. You can’t be open to perspective if he’s around. He just tries to keep his face in front of the other person/idea, cause he wants to feel validated. Who you need to have with you in the moment of  listening is “DISCERNMENT”.  This buddy will help you sort out the real messages your soul needs to hear. I believe that we are open to the lessons when  “JUDGEMENT” isn’t messing with us. If we can keep that asshole down to a minimum,



I hope you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth, or in this case what I type. Talk to a stranger. Talk to a friend. Talk to yourself. Hell, talk to a dog. I do this all the time. They usually talk back, but the dog. Dogs don’t talk. They just look at you like you are crazy. But if you listen to them, you can feel their soul. Talk, listen, grow. Put that shit on repeat. Then share it. I want to listen to you, I promise. And thank you for listening to me.


This blog is my creation, my perspective, my book on the shelf. If people pick it up to read, great! I truly mean that. But if they pick it up and take away something that makes their soul shift in perspective for the better, that is MAGICAL.







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