Growing up my sweet mom was a little overprotective and hardly let us play outside. I get it now. She came from a country where children were kidnapped and sold. Bad people were real and not just stories.  I remember one instance when my sister Jo and I snuck out to go play in the front yard and she flipped her shit! We were in so much trouble. We still laugh at that memory today.

But, when you can’t go outside and your Asian parents didn’t believe in toys and fun for children,  what is one to do?

*my parents did their best and I don’t ever feel like I had a bad childhood. We were just poor and forced to use this thing called: “IMAGINATION “

I grew particularly fond of our cassette radio player. That was my favorite “toy” I had. I was so amazed at the selection of music that was available for free!

which, if I can remember only played: pop, rock, country, classical, news, and the occasional Spanish station which broadcast soccer games.

I sat in my room and just started to sing every song I could. I would pretend I was a journalist, and report a story I just made up. I danced to all the pop songs and felt like a star. I pretend to be a rapper from the “hood” and spit out mumblings as fast as I could. My rapper name would have been Lil Shorty Mel.

Music is HUGE part of my life. I never learned to play anything, which I wish I did. My dad was a self taught piano/guitar player (in his spare time if he wasn’t fishing). I’d like to think I inherited that love of music from him. I love to sing. I may be the worlds semi-ok, not-gonna-knock-you-off-your-feet-so-keep-your-day-job-karaoke-queen.  What really makes music so special to me, is the combination of artistic and playful elements one can put into rhythmatic frequency that is pleasing to the body and mind.

I love when a song speaks to your soul and makes you feel like that song is meant  for you.  I love when there is a memory that is brought back by hearing a song and you relive that moment.

*only the good memories. The bad ones can go to hell. Damn you C&C Factory.

I love a song that can make you get you up and shake your ass down to the ground. They say music is one of the best things that can affect your vibrational energy. For the better or worse. Don’t get me wrong, while I  love to listen to some good ol’ rap music, you must admit there is something about it that kinda brings you down if it’s on repeat. I mean, do we really listen to what the hell they are talking about?

While they can cover it up with some good beats that make you shake it like a salt shaker, if you really listen to the words for long enough, it starts affecting you. I just wanna dance!

*I don’t know if I really wanna listen to Ying-Yang twins always talking about their damn strip clubs. Or whispering in my ear. No. I don’t wanna wait to see your dick. That’s called harassment. And where the hell is security in this club?!

It must be the older I get, the more I really pay attention to this. Back in my prime time club days, I was all over dancing to anything. Now my kids are older and pay attention to the lyrics, I found myself changing the music I listen to. I try to find ones with good meaning and sound.

I really appreciate One Republic.I really adore Ryan Tedder’s talent as an artist and songwriter. He is one of my favorite voices out there.

I found myself doing a YouTube search of him and came across his beautiful rendition of “I Gotta Be Me”

While Sammy Davis Jr. had a way with it in 1968, I fan-girl for Tedder a bit more. The message behind it speaks to me more and more every time I listen. I’m sure my littles are sick of me belting this out, but I want them to have those memories. I want them to be themselves and be proud.

What songs speak to you? What makes you wanna shake your ass? What makes you cringe everytime you hear it? Do you fan girl for anyone like I tend to do?

I’m looking at you, Calvin Harris 



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