I never would have thought I would have learned so much from my job in retail. I really mean that. Working for a big retail corporation has been a huge part of my growth and (even though I hate to admit this shit) I really believe I was meant to be where I was and where I’m at for a reason.

My current job allows me to interact with lots of people each day. All types of people too. Some days I get to talk to really nice people. People who are just wanting to say hi and have a small story they want to share. People looking for a familiar face to talk to. These are the people that make my job fun. These can be co-workers or customers. They help your day be a bit brighter.  People like this are the best type of people to interact with. They uplift you, they make you feel better, they just have some good ENERGY to them.

Others, are just plain assholes. No other way to put it.


These are the ones that look to find something to complain about. They are out looking to fuck shit up. And they usually succeed. We ALL deal with them in life. I just think they love to come in our lives and see what they can get away with. To be honest, I don’t get these people too often in my life. Which I’m extremely grateful for. But when I do, I feel like God is testing me. I have two choices: get angry at/with them, or, take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture and check myself.

When I first started this job, I would come home with so much energy from work my husband (so wise that guy) would always tell me it’s not personal and that I don’t have to let it fester inside. Because all it was doing was affecting me. Not the other person. It took a while to really learn this mentality, especially when my nature is to want everyone happy. But then as my work like became so much of my life, I knew it was the best way to keep myself sane and happy.

I’ll still deal with the occasional asshole. And usually I can take myself out of the situation and see the bigger picture:

It’s not about me. It’s about them.

 *Gaaahhh. I hate to even type that. Because there are just some people who need to get their shit thrown back at them because you KNOW this is how they are to pretty much everyone. Sometimes they need an ass kicking from Life to wake them up, and sometimes I wanna be the messenger. They are only concerned about themselves. They are like a child crying for attention, and this is one of the ways they get it.
just leave me alone!

They are grown ass people acting like a damn child!! They never learned how to express themselves fully.

If you take the time to really see yourself in the other persons perspective, you do learn to have some compassion. At least I have. I never understood why it was so easy for people to get upset at a stranger for no reason of real value. So fast. But then after being around so many different people and talking to them and listening to their stories about life, you understand that EVERYONE has/is dealing with some type of bullshit.  Some people just don’t know how to handle that energy.

* And if you don’t know how to handle it, it either spews out of you or it slowly poisons your soul and you become miserable. And you know what they say, “MISERY LOVES COMPANY”.

That’s really sad if you think about it. Life has beaten them down so much that they have no other way of showing up. They are just miserable. I’ve been there. It sucks. But I’ve learned that’s not how I wanted to live.

Working retail has  taught me to be wary of the dark energy people can bring. If I’m not in a good place myself, that’s when it usually bothers me. But when I’m doing good, you can’t touch this.

not today


It tells me that karma is real and if I want it to come back good, I have to continue to be good. It’s a reminder to live a life full of light and good vibes so when an energy vampire is around, I can handle myself. And maybe send a little love their way.

Cause we all need love sent our way.



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