It’s late and my brain needed to release some energy. I decided to play a game and write down whatever word first came to my mind and think of another word that I felt was connected to the previous word I just had written. I did this for a minute without stopping. I then went back to figure out the connection between them, and this is what I got. My connections may not make sense to you, but they do to me. I think everyone should try this. You might be surprised as to what you are really thinking and feeling. 



*purple words are the original words.

WORDS are THOUGHTS which form IDEAS that are EXPRESSION of VISIONS which move us to

CREATION then becomes REALITY in the PHYSICAL world in which we take ACTION in our BODY

allowing MOVEMENT and FLOW which is NATURAL and is GODLIKE so we can be AWARE of our

PURPOSE  which gives us DRIVE so we can find our PASSION  which stems from INSPIRATION which

is PROVOKING and gets us SHIFTING which means BECOMING while our CONSCIOUSNESS is

TRANSCENDING  meaning we become AWAKENED so we feel ALIVE making us VIBRANT and feeling

 BEAUTIFUL  and we become ART which is based off of  PERCEPTION allowing our PERSPECTIVE  to

be shared so we have CLARITY in relating to our COMMUNITY which becomes WHOLENESS which

bring us UNITY and we gain FRIENDSHIP which turns into LOVE  which gives us JOY which turns into

BLISS which is the ultimate state of BEING.

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