Yeah I know, Its been a while. While I’d like to say that there was something amazing going on during my little hiatus on this blog ( if you can even consider it one), there wasn’t. I don’t know why I stopped, but I know when I did, I kind of got lost too.

You see, the habit of writing had put me in a better state of being. I was more focused, in tune with myself, and feeling like I was moving forward in my life.

source (1)
i have no idea what this is from.

And then I just got on another shit train to no where. I blame my self….and social media. That’s a better scapegoat, can we just say I blame social media?

giphy (11)
all. damn. day.

Habits were lost in distraction of social media and news. Ideas were nowhere to be found in the fog of shit I was mentally consuming. My mind turned to mush and I allowed it. I was not learning anything that stimulated my brain or fed me soul nourishment.

giphy (12)
-make me look pretty.
-I hate how I look
-I can do that look too
-I suck at makeup, but I need it in my life
-ooohhhh! buy more makeup that I will never wear!
LIFESTYLE BLOGGERS.source (2)-they have the best life
-they are so perfect
-I want to dress like her
-I want to be like her
-dammit can I just BE her?
source (3)
tripping me out
-the end of the world
-shootings (which I know people who were actually there)
-what is going on?!?
-sex scandals

This has been my train of thought for the past couple of months. Garbage. While I am not saying that most people think this way, I just wanted to show you how crazy I can get. I am learning if my mind and soul are not working or learning anything of “value” it pulls me away from myself and I get lost.

I asked Universe for help and like always, when I actually was willing to listen, He showed up with a helping hand.

The name of my blog took me a while to come up with. I needed something that felt like me.

FOREVER LIFE’S STUDENT was my inspiration. I am a curious soul and I love to go in the rabbit hole with all my curious thoughts. While I am learning that curiosity is a good thing to have, it would probably benefit me if my 15 browser tabs where open on subjects of value instead of conspiracy theories, online shopping, and the daily news of crap.

giphy (13)
tin foil is strong with me

I decided to approach this blog in a way that reflects all the wonderful things I have researched for the enrichment of my life, and I hope it helps those who read it as well. If I can tell you about all kinds of makeup products and what they are used for, I sure as hell can tell you about the benefits of things that give our lives purpose as well. Self development has always been an interest of mine. It’s what give me life. I believe that within our human experience/experiment, we are to learn and BECOME as much as we can, so we can GIVE as much as we can.

giphy (14).gif
i believe.

I want to give so much to those around me, but I realize I can only give as much as I am. So why not strive to become more? I believe we all have this wonderful capacity to give the BEST version of our self to the world.  Sometimes we get lost, like I did. And I still believe I will in this life journey. But if I can so organize my life time to help myself find the joys and ideas that keep me in tune and on track, why would I waste another moment lost in the fog of distraction?

*damn you Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat

Ok, this may sound a little high and all mighty, but I promise you I am far from it. I hope this inspires you too to examine your habits and see what you could change to allow your life to fully be lived. With all the shitty dark things we have going on in this world, we deserve to allow joy back in our Consciousness. But we can only allow it if we focus on it.

I am approaching my method of research based on three key components in our Human Experience.


I believe God made our lives so intricately designed that we have all our power within our DNA and Mother Earth to heal (Body). I  believe that science is the language in which God allows his knowledge to be understood and enlightened for human consciousness (Mind.) I believe that the searching and learning develops our Connection to the Consciousness of the Universe and instills our faith in Him (Soul).

What IF  we can make whatever subject in our lives pass through the three key factors of our human experience with the Three Major Keys? What would be the outcome?

giphy (10)
major key alert.

My first subject will be:


I figure with Thanksgiving coming up, that seems to be a good focus. I know this is a huge practice within the Self-Development community, and I hate to admit that I am not fully practicing this daily. I am curious as to why it’s so important. What benefits does it give us? How do we practice this? How can we see the outcome of staying grateful? Where did this idea originate?

I hope you stay along on my adventure to see what I find. I appreciate if you made it this far in my ramblings. I know I sound crazy, but I am really excited for this.



giphy (15).gif
and here’s another gif for no real reason. i just like it.

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