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I know I said I wanted to format my blog differently and I will continue to add posts like my previous one, but I realized I still need “me” in this blog. That’s the whole reason I wanted t blog. To get the ME in my head out. I will continue to add real posts and thoughts and also ones I did some research on. Let me know what you guys think and prefer…


Today I type from the table  of my local laundromat. My dryer decided to die on us right before Christmas, yay for us!

Maybe I am prideful, but the idea of going to a place to wash your clothes around a bunch of strangers seems embarrassing to me. My delicates are for my (and the hubs) eyes only, not you random college kid with the headphones on.

I see you…come at me bro and see what happens.

What if people steal each others clothes? What if some weirdo tries to steal my panties?

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What if I get attacked while I’m alone in here?

What if all the things?!?!

Calm your shit, Mel…you’re going crazy.

Seriously. No one really cares what the hell you are washing. No one gives two cents about your stuff.  I mean, we are all here for the same damn reason. We gotta wash our stanky clothes. So, why am I making this a bigger deal than it really is?

Why do we make mountains out of mole hills? Why do we make things out to be so much harder/bigger than the reality of it?

Personally, I do this because of fear. I make whatever situation is at hand and play all the worst case scenarios and automatically assume that it will happen. Then I live with the fear based outcome and set myself up for a panic attack and make going to wash your clothes, making an important phone call, or working out all so much worse than the actually outcome.

We all do it to some degree or another. Some people really have panic attacks while others just try to justify a reason not to.  One of the most empowering books I have listened to is: The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. I have mentioned it in early posts before.  I really love her idea, when you know you have to do something just count backwards from 5 to 1, and when you are at 1 just GO. I did this today to get my ass up to drive to the laundromat. When you take that action at 1 and just MOVE , you will find it a lot easier than you expected. Since you are already moving towards that goal, it will be easier for you to finish it. Starting is usually the hardest thing to do. We just gotta force ourselves to start.

When you finally start and you are in the process of what you are trying to do, you realize that all the fears you set up in your head are nothing. They start to lose power since you have unplugged from those ideas. The power now comes back to you to carry in the process of what you are doing now. You then can look at the current situation as not a “big deal”, because it really wasn’t.


maybe it is. It IS big deal.


It’s exactly what you painted it out to be. It sucks. It’s painful. It hurts. It is tiring. It sucks big time.

I found myself in this painful situation exactly a month ago today. I know I have wrote about the HELL I went through, but this takes the cake. I wish this pain and hurt on no one.

I had to make some hard choices. Really hard. I had to pull myself out of the situation and call my power back. I needed to see what choice was going to serve my Higher Self. It wasn’t easy. It’s NOT easy. Stepping into the unknown, being vulnerable, and making a choice to stand your ground is terrifying.

But guess what?

At least you got off your ass and DID IT.

You made the choice to do it. You took the step towards doing something that will better/help you.  Not everyone makes these choices. They are scary. The unknown scares the hell out of us. But, YOU SIR/MA’AM stuck to your guns and willingly stepped into the unknown. There is is more power in owning your story than making excuses for it.

Give yourself  a round of applause!

By doing these little (or life changing) acts of moving towards a better life, you claim your POWER back.

Celebrate these little victories because they will carry the energetic momentum for the next time you feel scared/weak/vulnerable. You will be able to look at that moment and see the badass you were and you own that momentsource (4)

If you did that, what else can you do in other situations?!

You came.

You saw.

You fucking conquered.

One of my favorite memes and things to say is from the movie the Hangover 2. It’s when after a night of bad choices and cocaine the always crazy hilarious Mr. Chow asks the boys,

giphy (22)
Did you though?

I like to say it after someone complains about something that they should really not be complaining about.

Like me. Today. Right now.

I had to swallow my pride and fear and come wash my damn clothes….


I made it seem like a bigger deal and tried to talk myself out of doing something  I need to do. Being naked in public will get me arrested and I shouldn’t wear my undies more than once, go figure.

I gotta take deep breaths and do the 5 second rule, and just go.

I came.

I saw.

I washed and dryed my clothes like a boss.

Don’t allow fear to make you stay stuck in your head and not take action towards moving forward in life. You deserve a better life, you just gotta move towards it.



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