Last night I came to the realization that my little boy is really turning into a teenager.

He didn’t want to spend time with the family. He wanted to do him, boo. That broke my heart. He is starting to get to that age where hanging out with your family is no longer what the “cool kids” do.

*p.s. usually those “cool kids” turn out to be assholes, just saying.

So, of course, this momma started to throw a pity party for one.  I felt like I was a horrible mother who’s own kid couldn’t stand. I blamed myself for not being there enough for him. I blamed myself for not being “cool” enough to have him want to hang out with us. This pity party soon became a full-on extravaganza. Though I persisted in inviting my plus one date, the Hubs, he politely declined my offer. He tried reassuring me that this was normal and that I had to give my pre-man child the “all kids do this” hall pass.

Still, I went to bed feeling like a giant piece of poop. I also woke up still feeling like a giant piece of poop.

(wow! look at me being a responsible adult and not saying the word “shit” there! oops…)

I knew I  had to change my energy, cause I did not want to spend my day feeling down.  That is SO 2017. If 2017 had a name it would be Felica, because

(I ain’t having that drama no mo’! 2018 is the year of claiming your power. It’s a Master 11 Universal Number. To those who don’t understand the words that are coming out my mouth, here’s a great link to read more into it.)

I took a moment to meditate. Well, silly me, I forgot to turn the phone on airplane mode and my sister called right before I was done. But not silly, my ringtone happens to be one of my favorite songs ever by one of my music boyfriends:

After we hung up, I was inspired to go listen to it.

I love all of this song. The lyrics. The beats. The vibe. The sound of his unusual voice. Then he puts it all together to form a magical theme song in my life. It’s like he KNOWS ME! He and Ryan Tedder are my life music composers. I love them too much. It’s kinda creepy…I’m a creep.

hey guys…

ANYWAYS…This song always makes me feel better instantlyWhile there are some people who say this song is about a romantic relationship (THE HUBS), I take this song to a whole other level:

I take it to MeL’s Level.  

And this level is always on some kind of hippy vibe. To me, he is talking about his relationship with Universe.

Wait, what the hell Mel? Where do you get this idea from?!?

Funny you should ask…follow me to MeL’s Level and ride the wave, homie.

See, Calvin Harris (real name Adam) has this tattoo on his forearm:

Calvin Harris Parties At Hakkasan Nightclub

The flower of life is one of the oldest symbols in sacred geometry. If you study sacred geometry or at least try to, I’m going to make the assumption that you are seeking a higher truth or understanding. It has a very spiritual significance. If you decide to forever imprint it on your body, you better have some understanding or you look like a douche. Please don’t turn out to be a douche, Adam.

The song is fairly simple with its lyrics.

I feel so close to you right now
It’s a force feel
I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal
Your love pours down on me, surround me like a waterfall
And there’s no stopping us right now
I feel so close to you right now

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, aka the tattoo.  The tattoo is a symbol of his heart, his relationship to Universe. This is his hymn to God. It’s a song of praise and gratitude. When you are feeling close to God, his love will surround you like a waterfall.  You draw closer to Him. When you are aligned with Universe, the Universe has your back and you feel unstoppable.

Okay… okay…

MAYBE that’s just my version of the meaning of the song. Maybe that’s not it at all. Maybe I am just crazy. Maybe, that’s another level. A level I ain’t even sorry about! That’s just how Mel’s Level is though, on that Universal Love frequency.

I use this song as my own ode to Universe. I sing it loudly. I sing it so often my kids sing along with me. I sing it when I am happy, it just comes to my mind and heart. I sing it when I am up there on that MeL Level.

I needed to get out of the pity party and on that vibe again and this is what happened when I made a conscious choice to change:

Meditation pulled me out of my ego and put me into awareness.

Awareness allowed me to see that Universe gives us inspiration.

Inspiration told me to listen to that song. The song gave me gratitude.

Gratitude brings me to God.

God is Love and I feel so close when I align with LOVE.

Love, therefore, pulled me out of my funk and I am here now,

on that gloriously fantastic funky MeL Level.

Bringing it all full circle, baby. Welcome back to Level MeL, Desitnations: Universal Love

Tom Hardy is love.

Life lesson: When you are feeling down like a giant piece of poop, find your high “LEVEL” and make the right choices to pull yourself back. Remember, 2018 ain’t messing with that drama. It’s time to gain your power back, boo.



Side Note: It’s like Universe is really talking to me…Just saw this on Ryan Instagram page today….coincidence? I don’t believe in those.

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