Hello World!

Thanks for tuning in with me here on my blog! For those who follow me on my Instagram account (@ummiluvyou) and followed me on here…


I mean it, thank you so much. As much as I love my Insta page, I feel there is only a certain aspect of me on there that I can share. You see, I am not what one would call: visually creative. My pictures are kind of boring. It’s usually stuff like: trips, kids, pets, quotes…lots of quotes. I really like to post long captions (which my husband says no one ever reads).  Sometimes I will throw a picture of my goofy mug in just to shake things up and remind people I do exist. People really seem to like those ones. I wish sometimes my uplifting posts would gain as my likes as my selfies do. So, sometimes I mix the two in hopes of connecting the dots, so people can really “see” me.

But allow me to write and see me come alive.

Writing is my way of bringing me, Melinda, to life.

Everything begins with your thoughts. The truth of your personality starts there. The core of your true essence begins with a thought. The thoughts that you have allowed to live and develop eventually becomes YOU.

You are the result of your thoughts.

I feel that the raw me comes out when I write. It’s the real thoughts and feelings that are what makes me, well, me.

The real me that should take any precedence over me I put on Instagram. How insane is it that we divide ourselves into different personas in order to be accepted in the social world?! Why do we allow this madness to ourselves? We compete to showcase to the world our life of what/who/where/why we are the “me” that should be accepted.  Of course, it’s usually the “best” version of you that is connected with the physical manifestation of your being that is deemed to be the most accepted…

aka the Selfie.

I am too a victim to the selfie game. I participated and fell in its trap:

When I feel pretty, lemme take a selfie. When I’m doing something fun, lemme take a selfie. When I’m bored, lemme tak a selfie. When I’m on a date with my husband and should be focused on figuring out what to order,
lemme take a selfie!

*The Chainsmokers were right on the money with that one

A picture of us in hope that the world will approve of the face we show, but hide the thoughts within. I think people are far more attractive if they show you how/what/why they think. That usually is a better indication of their truth. You can gauge more out of people that way than a picture of their face.

That being said, I thank you for liking my selfies. It really does make me feel good. I like feeling accepted. I like being told I am pretty. I like the feedback I receive. It gives me more confidence…if only for a fleeting moment. That moment seems to fade when I wash off my makeup and I am feeling completely raw and naked. Naked, because I was approved on what I had put on my face and shared with the world. Shame isn’t it? It doesn’t change who I am, only what I look like. If you liked me that way, you should like me the other way.

But then I realized what I really wanted.

I don’t want you to “like” me just cause my face doesn’t scare you away. I want you to like me because I am ME. And if I were going to give you a fair chance to gauge if that were true, I would need to have a place where you could.

So, from the bottom of my heart,

thank you for following me here to my personal blog where I can be me.

The me that lives behind the posed selfies. The thoughts that compose the essence of who I really am. I decided to take a sabbatical from social media to really understand what ME I wanted to embrace and develop into. So, I enrolled in the University of Life and am taking courses to graduate with the highest degree: Self-Mastery. Unplugging from the world and going within.

I hope that you follow me here because you too want to find your Highest Self. That something from what I shared in the social media world resonated within you. That I sparked something more than a double tapped heart or thumbs up “like”. I hope I sparked the flame that tells you that you too are MORE.  More than your cool clothes, your cool adventures, your cool “things”…more than your selfie. It’s time. Time for us to show up. The real US. We are not serving the world by spending it wishing we could be MORE. It’s time to actually BE MORE. Becoming MORE is going to require us to go within and find it. But it lives, I promise you that.

It’s going to be hard. It’s going to take a hell of a lot of work. I don’t know how long this will last. I don’t know how many paths I will cross. I don’t know how many obstacles I will face. Damn, I don’t know if I can even get there. I just know that it’s time to DO THE WORK.

Life is the UNIVERSE-ity that GOD teaches and class is in session!

*go back and read that in Samuel L. Jackson voice, you’re welcome.


Forever Life’s Student


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